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May Day

Steve is away but he called after I wrote last night and asked, among other things, if Edward was going to school today.

"I don't know," I said. "I don't think so."

"What? Antibiotics, no fever, not contagious? Send him!" he said, bracingly.

In response I walked to Edward's room and put him on speaker phone.

"Hey Edward can you take a nice deep breath for me?" I asked as I held the phone to the bottom bunk.

Edward went brea... cough! cough! cough! cough! cough! cough! GAAAAAAAASP cough! cough! et cetera.

I took him off speaker phone.

"See my dilemma?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. No. I'm changing my vote," Steve said. "You can't send him. Chances are they would call you within fifteen minutes to come get him."

"That's the direction in which I was leaning, too."

Besides, as you pointed out, it was Friday. Also, it's first grade. Finally he still gets tired really easily. So we dropped off Caroline, went to the library and then Edward spent a quiet day on the couch reading about sharks and Encyclopedia Brown. I mean sharks period and Encyclopedia Brown period. All very pleasant and recuperative.

PS After Caroline got home the two of them got into a debate about homophones and homonyms.

Edward said, "No Caroline! Words that sound the same but mean different things. 'Wood' like the floor is wood and 'would' like I would jump off a bridge for you."

I thought, wait, what?

Caroline was equally struck, "You would?"

"I would what?"

"You would jump off a bridge for me?"

Edward thought about it.

"That was just an example of sound alike words but... I guess so. Maybe. If you really needed me to."

Caroline said, "I would only ask if it was super important. Like if I dropped something off the bridge by accident."

And in an uncanny echo of Steve from the night before Edward said, "Oh. Wait. No. I'm changing my vote. I would not jump off a bridge... ha! Wood knot and would not! Homophones!"

And they went back to their argument.

Twins are weird.