The Mills Of God

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing

+ I sang as I was making breakfast this morning and had just gotten to the part of As I Roved Out in which the girl asks if he's going to marry her seeing as how she's all ruined and the rogue replies no, I won't, I've already got a wife; when Caroline interrupted me.

She sighed, "He's just like Zeus. Going around trying to be with other women while Hera gets more and more jealous."

BE WITH? Good heavens, what on earth have I been letting her read? I hope whichever version she has about Europa and the bull wasn't too... oh dear. I probably need to have a little age-appropriate sex talk with Caroline. Also, why do I sing these songs aloud?

+ I went through Edward's folder and said, "Hey! 14 out of 15 on the math test!"

He immediately said, "What? WHAT? Which one did I get wrong? Are you mad?"

AM I MAD? What is he talking about? Of course I am not mad. How have I given him the impression that I would ever get angry about a math test?

+ I don't even know what to say about Patrick's most recent comic; my first thought was that the mother looks like she hasn't slept in three weeks

AntarcticaSo, to review, I have one child who is far too familiar with the classics, another who appears to be suffering from perfectionist delusions and a third who imagines maternal figures who are destructively indulgent (although the banishment was a nice touch.)