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Thank you so much! I agree with those of you who found it both too big and less readable and I hated the font. Responsive design is supposed to allow things to shift to accommodate different devices but as far as I could tell they just mean iphones. That said it was definitely better on the mobile, apart from the wonky side top and bottom bits. Temporarily back to normal while I attempt to google my way to competence. Oh and Linda mentioned some sort of feed thing - I'll look into that - and there was an excellent suggestion around moving sidebar things up to the navigation bar. Anything else that the less chisel-and-stone-tablet places are doing to make you more comfortable?

Oh. Or if any of you know of a web design person who would be willing to do a little bit of work for a little bit of money please let me know, thus saving us all (well, me) a lot of trouble.

PS This is not today's post.