Time Seems Different

Giving The Gift Of Giving

Edward was almost entirely submerged in the bathtub with only his eyes and his nose above the water.

"Edward, get out," I said.

"No," he mouthed and bubbles rose to the surface.

"Edward, seriously, your bath is over. Time to get out."

Bubble, bubble.

"Do you think as a special mother's day thing you could just do what I ask the first time without going all baby hippopotamus doesn't want to leave the river on me?"

Edward's head popped up.

"Wait," he said. "What? Is today mother's day?"

"Yes, so get out and get your pajamas on."

"Awwww, I didn't get you anything."

"It's ok. I had a very nice trip with Nana and now I am very happy to be home with you."

"But I should give you something. Um, how about a foot rub?"

A foot rub? What on earth has he been reading? Still, it sounded kinda nice, "OK. Sure. Get out, dry off, get dressed and I'll see you on the couch."

Five minutes later a slightly pink, slightly damp Edward pattered into the living room.

"Ready for the foot rub?" he asked.


So he hopped up next to me on the couch and proceeded to lay each of his feet - plonk, plonk - in my lap before laying back against the cushions, his fingers laced behind his neck.

I stared at the feet that were now gently nudging my hands.

"There you go," he said encouragingly. "Foot rub! Enjoy."

PS After our dramatic reunion Caroline said, "You'll never guess what Dad got for me at Gander Mountain!"

"A gallon of bug spray for the farm?" I guessed, hopefully.

"No! A Swiss Army knife!"

She's right. I never would have guessed.

PPS It's pink, it's two inches long, it has scissors, tweezers, a nail file and the the swiss army equivalent of a butter knife. A more ridiculous piece of equipment I have never seen but she assured me it was able to cut the morels just fine.