This Is Today's Post

Even A Dour Clock Is Something Something

In general when Patrick tells me about his day I am bracingly noncommittal. There is such a strong Eeyore streak to his narratives; such a pronounced tendency to gloomily suppose that his history teacher will most likely defenestrate herself rather than submit to grading his last paper, that the only sensible response is "Oh well!" delivered with a bright smile and a change of subject.

Today, though, I have to admit he had a point.

"You didn't finish the math test?"

"Most people didn't."

"So you have to complete it tomorrow?"


"But the eighth and ninth graders are going on a field trip to an amusement park?"


"And you're the only seventh grader in the class?"


"Leaving you to the tedium of finding equations for parabolas given three points, in a room which is empty apart from your math teacher, who will have nothing else to do but stare at you, while your classmates are on the other side of town riding roller coasters?"


I blinked.

"Wow. That DOES suck."