Caroline The Birder

Dully But Duly Administrative

I have been fiddling with the site today and I am completely vexed by the process.

Couple of questions for you, if you have a moment.

First, I heard from several of you that you were having trouble with my site automatically redirecting you to other places today. I tried to remove everything that might be causing that and would like to know if it is still happening.

Second, in an effort to become more quote mobile friendly end quote I made some changes to the design. Design. Ha! Go ahead and stick some mental quotation marks around that too. Anyway the whole page now looks gigantic to me on my macbook. What do you think? Is it too weird looking? Steve says he likes it but he's only been able to see properly out of one eye since he had lasik so I don't think he's the best baseline. Could you let me know if you think this is more or less readable (hmmm. more readable or less readable) and what kind of device you're using?

Thank you. Also, I can't remember off the top of my head who recommended Don't Starve as a game for Patrick but I am kinda addicted now. So thanks for that, too, and I should probably share it with Patrick at some point.   

PS Oh sorry! The picture is of a turkey nest and I wish I could bring you further updates but Steve and the children just stumbled upon it in the middle of some random wood while they were all out mushroom hunting. In other sad bird non-news our nesting owls from last year did not come back. Or at least they did not come back to the same tree. I suspect they are nesting further up the hill because the other day I chased off a fisher cat (they're like big weasels) as it was desperately trying to pry its way into the top of a dead tree. My theory was that it was after owl eggs but Steve dismissed this as wishful thinking. He's probably right but either way no baby owl photos for us this year.