En Famille

A Practical Romantic

After Toni left me the link to a terrific football-related Les Miserables parody (BPL Transfer Deadline Day the Musical) I have had the score stuck in my head. So I went to find my, yes, cassette tapes only to realize that they are missing and, further, I don't have a cassette player any more. At least not one that is located some place useful, like in my car.

So I treated myself to the original London cast recording through iTunes and for the past several days Caroline and Edward and I have been listening to it after we drop Patrick off at school. It's taking a while because I have to try to explain the backstory and what's going on between songs and you know what? Les Miserables is a real cluster, that's what.

Today we listened to A Little Fall of Rain and when I looked in the rear-view mirror I was startled to see that Caroline had tears running down her face.

I said, "Oh, Caroline, sweetheart, it's ok."

She said, "She died! Just like Fantine. She let herself get shot instead of Marius who doesn't even love her because he is so busy singing with grown-up Cosette. It's just like Fantine. She is dying and he's telling her that it's fine because he is there but then she is dead and he leaves to go be happy."

I didn't know what to say.

"It's a really pretty song?" I offered.

She agreed, "But Marius should have died instead. He was the one who thought the fight mattered."

Well. Ok then.