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Noli Me Tangere

The Third Oldest Profession

First and very foremost: I read what I had written about Edward's kindergarten teacher and I think that the way I wrote, "I blame myself for not communicating better... " conveyed the opposite. It was like that time I said a bride-to-be looked so... sweet at the rehearsal dinner, while simultaneously rolling my eyes and nudging my head in the direction of her (entirely) see-through dress*.

So I feel the need to clarify my belief that Edward's teacher should be canonized. She has 20+ kindergartens/first graders in her mixed classroom to protect, educate, nurture, encourage, discipline, respect and inspire and yet all year she has been able to make me feel like my child is her only student - and I have TWO in there. I, of all people, know that Edward has been a huge time-suck and yet I also know that she strategized constantly about Caroline; moving her up in reading and having the creative notion that she should do her math in Spanish**. She did not speak Spanish but her teacher does so... ole.

She really did try to tell me how bad things were and without her persistence I would never have taken the steps to get Edward the help he needs. I am grateful to her beyond measure. Also? When I went for the second conference of the year (about a month after Edward had started therapy) she had tears in her eyes as she talked about the little improvements she was seeing in him. She was choked up when she told me, "He has the most beautiful eyes and I had never seen them before a week ago."

*There is a Simpsons line which reads:

"Her collar and cuffs don't match, if you know what I mean."

To which Marge replied, "I don't but I loved hearing it."

Steve repeats this quote to me a lot when I try to gossip with him and it is pretty much why I love him.

The bride by the way - whose husband later told Steve a week before our wedding that he wasn't going to be a groomsman; not that I think he is a total ass or anything - well! The dress looked like cling wrap

** Caroline continues to be good with languages. When we were in DC for a wedding last week*** I suggested she could join the foreign service when she grows up and help our country as part of its diplomatic corps.

She asked, "Will I get to go to all of the countries and climb into windows and punch bad guys in the neck?"

I told her no. 


Uh. Yeah.

I took a picture of her before school today: top and bottom are the thermal underlayer for skiing, pink leopard rainboots and the fuzzy white bolera that was supposed to keep her arms warm at the wedding.

I swear I will smack the first person who tells her about the CIA as a career choice.

*** We spent last week in DC for a family wedding. It was great to be home. And weird.

PS In the past seven years Patrick has had a couple of mediocre teachers, one who was destructive and a few who ignited him to the point of incandescence. Patrick will have many teachers as he pursues his passions but I have no doubt which ones he will remember.