Sometimes I Need To Be Hit Over The Head

On The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas: Plague

For Steve's birthday I got him a new WiFi base station/back-up device; a Time Capsule I call Homer because as the IT person around here I decided we really needed 3 terabytes because... it's too complicated to explain to a layperson like Steve but it was very important and what better time to upgrade my hardware than his birthday? 

I am now regretting my magnanimity because Homer hates me. For absolutely no discernible reason I have been unable to access the network - the network I created - all day while Steve continues to happily google along.

I know what you are thinking because that was my first reaction too; Steve and I should just switch computers, right? Steve refused citing something something work and I am shocked that he can be so selfish when I give him such nice presents.

Until I manage to beat Homer to death and then replace him with yet a more advanced model (Merry Christmas Steve!) I'll try to figure out a way to get this posted remotely.

I am so sorry I left you hanging about Patrick. The truth of the matter is we were waiting and seeing and I was busy watching him very very slowly come to a boil. When last we spoke Patrick had had a fever in excess of 101 for four days? Five days? Then we went to the doctor where his temp was normal and only got up to about 100 that night. So... improving. Next day the same. Following day back above 102 again.

Damn it.

I took him back to the pediatrician and being unable to determine where exactly this bacterial infection is residing we are assuming it is sinuses again. He started a broad-spectrum antibiotic yesterday and although his fever was over 101 again last night I am hopeful things will kick in this weekend and he will be completely well by Monday. This evening marks nine days of elevated temperature from low to moderately high so... fingers crossed.



I had to divide the couch into two zones last night: on the left we have strep; on the right we have ???

Edward (not pictured) was in a bucket of Lysol up to his neck.

PS Caroline had a raging fever and a sore throat so we took her to urgent care yesterday. Five ml of penicillin and a good night's sleep later and she is absolutely and completely fine. I wish I could rub her all over Patrick.