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May 2013

Pardon My Dust

Although I do not have a clear recollection of having done so it is apparent from the past month that at some point in April I consumed six pounds of cotton candy, slammed the garage door on my head and then sat down with a credit card and the community ed catalog.

Oh my god. OhmygodohmygodOHMYGOD. I woke up one bright snowy (don't get me started) morning in early May and discovered that in addition to:

1. twins in karate on Monday nights

2. twins also in karate on Thursday mornings

3. Patrick Caroline and Edward tumbling on Tuesdays

4. Patrick Edward and Caroline swimming on Wednesdays

5. Caroline in Chinese school on Saturdays

I had added:

6. a Daddy-n-Me golf class for Steve and Edward on Thursdays

7. boys' gymnastics for Patrick on Mondays

8. diving lessons for Patrick on Saturdays

9. soccer for Caroline and Edward ditto

It's been... I have no words. Well, stupid is a word (one of Edward's favorites as it so happens) and it applies but it also fails to do justice to the enormity of the time suck I created. While I continue to believe that it is nice to expose one's offspring to a variety of activities in the interest of sparking passions I would add a note to future self: STAGGER. 

I also learned

Patrick really likes diving, Edward is a ball-hog, Steve hates golf and Caroline prefers her end-of-karate/tumbling butterfly stamp across her throat.

Meanwhile, also in April... hmmmmm... I switched from taking half a Celexa to half a Prozac. I don't really remember what prompted me to inquire about a change but I think I was hoping that a new anxiety medication would enable me to stop having migraines and lose, say, fifteen pounds. Also I hoped that maybe I would no longer randomly fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon. A couple of months ago I actually - and this is true - found myself slurring as I read to Caroline and Edward and then the next thing I knew I was sound asleep and they were sitting on top of me (see: bumps, log) watching television. I had literally fallen asleep while reading aloud. Creepy.

So it's been five/six weeks on prozac and if I were a better control subject that would have been the only change I made. However, shortly after starting (maybe related, maybe not) I had some sort of fuck-all-this renaissance and decided that I was also going to start using the My Finess App* (calorie tracker - who knew a couple fistfuls of smokehouse almonds are the caloric equivalent of... dinner?) and the Wii Fit** (om) and I started running again (NHS Couch to 5k podcast - I love the way Laura says "Off you go" like a kind but brisk nursemaid airing her charges.) As a result I have lost eleven pounds, I can do a pushup and I have been headache-free for, well, about a month I guess.

I feel great, actually.

So please forgive me for my prolonged silence. I have been remodeling.