Halloween This
Soon I Will Belabor Thanksgiving

Halloween Is Just The Day After

I just went to remove the chicken from the refrigerator (the better to roast it, my dear) and discovered the following sticky note attached to the bird: "Don't eat me! We are going out."

"Really, Gold n' Plump? You and I are hitting the town?" I asked with interest.

The chicken remained enigmatically silent.

"Ste-eeeeee-ve!" I bellowed towards the upper recesses of the house "I am receiving messages from the food!"

"Listen to the chicken," he yelled back. "Heed the wisdom of the chicken!"

"You and I and the chicken are going out tonight?" I asked.

"Well, you and I."

"You got a babysitter?"

"I got a babysitter."

"You made reservations?"

"I made reservations."

"Garsh," I said.

"I know!" he replied.

So in one short hour I will be ditching my child with that nice woman from the nanny service and going to a place that boasts page after page after page of delicious wine. And I shall choose not wisely but well and, considering it is my birthday in T- 7 hours, I must say I completely deserve it.

I like birthdays and I like surprises but I especially like MY birthday surprises.