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The Day After That

Filler v. 2

The majority of the relationships portrayed on The Love Boat probably ended badly regardless of the fact that they left holding hands and promising to come back... on their HONEYMOON! Because it is very difficult to establish mutual respect forged by shared values and a commitment to joint goals when it only takes two days to get to Mazatlan. Gopher was able to patch up that innocent misunderstanding about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders before they docked in Acapulco, but Gopher won't be there a decade later when she forgets to have sex with him for two years.

I'm just saying is all.

In other news my hcg level has finally dropped below 2. For those of you who goggled your way here with "hcg levels falling slowly after D&C" I will add that it took 10 weeks and you have my sympathy. For the "heartbeat seen miscarriage risk" crowd I say, Ladies, you’ve got the wrong damn blog. RUN! Don’t walk away from here.

My insurance company just rejected my initial claim for reimbursement for the FISH test BUT they rejected it on the grounds that they do not pay out of system claims for this service. Ha HA! I shouted, I have not one but TWO referrals for this from the primary physician and your approved RE respectively, so bite it. They said those referrals are not in their system and I smoothly offered to fax the copies I was clever enough to insist upon receiving. The insurer, having no doubt checked the fax for signs of forgery, is now grudgingly considering the claim again. Who wants to bet that they come up with a totally different reason for refusing it next time?

Ooh! This just in! I just got off the phone with Holly's sister and it turns out we wasted all that time freaking about Thanksgiving for nothing. OK, fine, you were not freaking but I certainly was.

She started the conversation by asking, "Do you have a 24 hour rule?"

And I said, "What would that be?"

And she said, "All guests must be gone after 24 hours."

So I laughed and said, "No, no rules. Were you planning on staying until Friday or Saturday?" [See! See how neatly I took your good advice?]

And she said they were thinking Saturday.....

I said I knew that her late brother-in-law's parents would want to see them and she said yes, that was why they wanted to stay an extra day and I said delightful and she said she was bringing her son's old bike for Patrick. And her own non-alcoholic wine. And pies.

So we are all going to be happy forever and ever. HOORAY!

Oh, and no,  I did not mean that to obtain a perfect roast turkey you do not open the oven at all. You put the turkey IN and then you keep the oven door SHUT until it is READY. Smartass.