The Day After That

Be Back Later

Ok, ok, ok, I know. Yes. I am sorry. Stop looking at me so reproachfully. I am sorry I haven't written anything for days and days but I was busy. Really busy. 

First I had company and they were EVERYWHERE. They kept EATING and CLUTTERING and USING TOWELS and it was all I could do to keep up with the untidiness that threatened to plunge us all into anarchy. Then they left and Steve and I went to the best party I have ever attended (and that, my crumpets, is saying something) and then the next 36 hours were a little rocky (making this my second hangover reference in as many posts... Tra La La La.)

But now I am back and I missed you terribly and I have all sorts of things to tell you.

Well, ok, not NOW. Not right this second because I have a few things I must do around the house first, but tonight. I'll be back tonight and I will tell you stories.