Better Late
I Vant To Be Alone

Dispatches From The Sink

I am going to make this quick because... bleh-ehwheh. Morning sickness sucks.

I saw my OB this morning. After providing a decorative centerpiece to the waiting room for an hour I got moved to an exam room for another 30 minutes. Then they transferred me to the ultrasound room. I wondered, mildly, if I was going to be playing musical rooms all day without ever seeing my doctor but he finally met me by the ol' black and white Zenith Sonogram2000.

He turned the side crank for a minute until a candle flickered on in the back and we got started. Gestational sac two is disappearing into the mists (bummer) but the gestational sac of interest was nice and clear. Inside was a beautifully proportioned yolk sac and nothing else that I could see. He zoomed around in there for quite a while trying to find some fetal heart tones.

"No fetal pole?" I asked sympathetically.
"Oh there is a pole there I could measure," he replied, "but I cannot find a heartbeat."

He seemed to think this was disappointing but actually I found it quite encouraging. Considering that three days ago the superfancy Firebolt ultrasound machine could not find a fetal pole I think we are heading in the right direction. Add to that the increasing need to vomit multiple times a day and I repeat - right direction. Whether everything goes straight to hell in a week or so, well that is incredibly likely but just this second I think things look fine. Positively rosy.

The spotting disappeared on Friday and I am not worried about it in the slightest. Between the vanishing twin and the aggressive ultrasound I think some spotting was in order, frankly.

The OB also said he was cool with the progesterone at 10.6. I mean, I should take the supplements but it wasn't an immediate harbinger of despair. I knew what he meant. It is low, obviously, but does not mean that I am miscarrying any minute.

Finally, he said we could wait and repeat the ultrasound or I could go to the hospital for a better one. I said Ohhhhhh, UMMMMMMMMMMMM, Welllllll, Urrrrr and then I made him schedule me for a 2:30 follow-up with the good machine.

On the drive home, though, I berated myself for this decision. If there is a heartbeat we know it only started in the past day or two. The heart rate will be really slow and they will say I should come back to see if things are developing. If there isn't a heartbeat then we know it still might start up in a day or so (I think I am 6 weeks tomorrow) and they will say I should come back to see if things might be developing. So I sucked it up and called the OB when I got home. I'll go in Thursday afternoon instead and we'll see what the deal is then. I know- THURSDAY!- way to really wait it out, Julia, but it was the best I could do.

I have other news but typing is making me motion sick. You know, I defy anyone to be all chirpy about morning sickness. I love being pregnant and I will keep doing this until we succeed but throwing up in your own sink over and over again is awful.

Over and out for now.