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June 2004


I'll update tomorrow (update? on what exactly? I'll think of something) but I decided to go with a photo essay tonight.

This is my day in pictures:

gardenWe planted the vegetable garden.

irisWe tidied the front flower bed.

houseWe renamed a chunk of the front yard the "wildflower meadow" (ah-rumph *weed-tangle*) and therefore opted to just leave it alone.

book I read Patrick "The Potty Book for Boys" fifty times. Do not be misled, as I was, into thinking this shows some sort of interest on his part in shedding the diaper shackles and moving towards unabashed public urination, like a mini Frenchman. No, he just wanted to see the page on which there is a coffee mug that reads "Mom #1" so he could point to it fifty times and say "M" "O" "M"... "1!" He's cute, but weird.