A Short Sweet Story


Sometimes I just cannot shut up, can I?

My toe nails are still, incredibly, this awful awful color. For me this is a bore, because it means I will have to track down some nail polish remover and use it... DAMN Miss Rose. Patrick has started calling me Mama in the past two weeks, which is just as delightful as I always suspected it would be. The other day he was lightly tapping my foot and saying Meh-mo, Meh-mo. And I crooned, "Yes, my cupcake? Yes? Mama is here. Mama, Mama, Mama" until it dawned on me that he was saying my feet are yellow. You know, Meh-mo. Now I thought they were more blue against this polish, but he may be right. Either way, ick.

It occurred to me, though, that we can make some lemonade out of the lemons that are my corpse toes (yum) and I can tell you about the amazing indelible nail polish that WILL NOT wear off, no matter how wide your feet or how many pairs of shoes you cram them into. Got a pen? Revlon Colorstay. The only nail color you will ever need.

You said some very sweet things about me and my child and the house. So very sweet that I feel obligated to post another picture from Sunday.not-so-happy

It is so NICE to be selective in how we portray ourselves in the ether.