The "I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me" Post
No Common Thread

Bits and Pieces

In other news, we are getting Holly and Kevin's cats on July 8th and will keep them until the end of August. I mentioned that all six cats (ours and theirs) are indoor cats, right? Yes, indeedy. It will be a regular cat-house. A cattery. I think it will be fine.


Patrick's vocabulary is expanding, but much of it is comprised of his own words for things. Like strawberries are Nah-dah. There is a logic to this, actually, since "nah" is his word for red and he pronounces the letters b,d and p as "dah" and he still substitutes a lot of words with their first letter. Thus, Nah-dah is red B, or red berry: Strawberry! Raspberries are Hah-dah. I have no idea why. Lawn mower is Maku. Zebra is Mehbo. He is fascinated by punctuation, and particularly likes the Ah Heeng Gah which is an exclamation point. He looks for letters everywhere and will bite bread into their shapes. A! J! C! He finds Y's in sticks and O's in stones and M's in the most unusual places (like a piece of undulating ribbon.)


Two pictures from last week. One is of Patrick in the vegetable garden. The other is of the three of us on the grassy lane that goes from our driveway up to the trails in the woods.