Jerry Springer Spa Day

A Short Sweet Story

One of Steve's clients is a large manufacturer of durable goods in the Middle West. Towards the end of last week they extended a job offer to this guy in Dallas, with a generous pay increase. Yesterday the guy turned the job down, stating that he had hoped for more money. Someone then gently explained to him that he was as high as a l'hirondelle if he thought that any company would start getting exponential with the increases, no matter how poorly his current employer had been compensating him.

But he repeated his refusal, explaining that he and his wife were in the process of trying to adopt in Texas. They had already invested a chunk of money and felt very hopeful that they would be getting a child within the year. However, if he accepted the new job offer and moved then they would have to start the process all over again, including starting from scratch financially.

Within an hour of his turning down the position, a vice president with Large Manufacturer heard about it. He said, "We just adopted a child ourselves and I know how difficult and draining the process can be. What if we let him telecommute from Texas for a year, during which time they will hopefully be far enough along with their adoption that a move to headquarters won't interrupt their plans? Will he consider doing that?"

Dallas guy considered it and accepted by the end of the day.

I heart Big Business. Sometimes.