An Arrangement In Black And White
Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Morning

I never really liked the old look here. So I sweated over a new one for a few hours and then proudly showed it to Steve.

"It's really me, don't you think?"
Steve considered the new design and agreed.
"Yes, it really is YOU. Provided, of course, that you are a vampire. Or maybe just a teenager who who wants to be a vampire?"

And I had to admit that all the black backgrounds and silvery lettering and cool hippogriff gargoyles were a bit, um, gothic. Suburban-gothic. The real me, of course, but not the me I think should be shared with the general public. So I scrapped the whole thing and came up with this. I think it is pretty, like a guest bedroom. Hey! Julia- your guest bedroom on the web. Gurk.

I have the worst cold and I am about to get yet another mole removed. This one is very close to my sit-me-down-upon and I have concerns about whether it will hurt afterwards. I have something funny for you, though, so I'll be back this afternoon to type it up. Provided, of course, I'm not popping Advil with my rump in the air.