It's Late
So I Am Flirty

Again With The Feet

Tonight we are going to the "Winefest Gala Wine Dinner" (who wrote this invitation?) and I am all a-twizzle.

Quietly all a-twizzle, though, because I am waiting for my toenails to dry. My fun party shoes are slides (see below) buttons so people will be able to play with my toes between courses.

I mean, I am assuming that I will be so adorable in my new party dress and shoes that total strangers will want to play with my toes. I picture them saying Aw! and asking my husband how old I am before tickling my feet. I may be wrong, but operating under this assumption I have painted the toenails a festive Cranberry.

Hmmmm... now that I am watching them dry, I have to admit that this was an unfortunate color choice for me. Something about this particular hue gives my toes a distinct bluish tinge that can best be described as morgue-y. If you saw these toes poking out from under a white sheet you would not assume that Winefest had gotten me laid, oh no. More like laid out by a heavy blow to the temple. Pity.

Maybe some wine will pink them up....