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I Am Very Good At What I Do

I didn't mean to start compromising my brand equity by fooling around with the colors again (we have enough marketing problems with the whole Julia/Here Be Hippogriffs conundrum - I am thinking about taking the entire JH brand team for an off-site to noodle it over. Yeah.) My intention was to just go into the earthworm-easy bowels of this thing and click on something so that my comments can be read chronologically instead of backwards. That was really irritating me. Anyway, I mucked around and voila - purple.

I said to Steve tonight, "You know, dinner doesn't always have to be good."

To which he responded, while morosely eating handfuls of those vile Tostitos Hint of Lime chips, "Or good for you, apparently. This was bad and bad for you." Pause. "And there wasn't enough of it."

Great, I married a Bazooka comic.

Dinner wasn't supposed to be Tostitos. It was actually Oktoberfest here at the House o' Hippo - kielbasa, sauerkraut, and a German potato salad. In theory it should have been delicious. You soak the sauerkraut to remove the brine, then sauté onions and apples and simmer them with some white wine and vinegar and the kraut. Sprinkle in some caraway seeds, add the kielbasa - serve it with good brown bread and tender new potatoes tossed warm with a nice vinaigrette. Lipsmacking. Unfortunately, I forgot to soak the sauerkraut. Then I realized that I had neither apples nor onions in the house. The new potatoes had started their own colony so I had to settle for two russets. I couldn't find the caraway seeds and we had no brown bread. I thought I could just make the potatoes ahead of time while Patrick was napping but I have to confess they sort of congealed during the wait.

Did I mention that Steve doesn't like sauerkraut? In point of fact, he despises it. He would walk all night, again, just to avoid pickled cabbage. But I like it, of course. I liked dinner tonight. Even with the shortcoming of being, essentially, a can of sauerkraut and a hunk of kielbasa floating in white wine I still thought it was pretty good. I mean, it was an excellent wine and mustard covers a multitude of sins.

And then there was the comedy. I started laughing when I saw the expression of near-ludicrous disbelief on Steve's face as he sat down for dinner. The tiny wedge of sausage (how was I supposed to know that Patrick would want so much and we'd have to share?) huddled next to an increasingly unappetizing lump of potatoes and the three shreds of sauerkraut that I spooned out for him because I think I am my mother (just TRY a little bit)... it did look awful.

When he took his first grudging forkful and then asked (J'accuse!), "Are these potatoes supposed to be so cold?" I laughed until I choked, then I died. You mean, soylent green is people?

I love being a housewife.