In Which I Contemplate My Feet

Au Revoir

Well, I have

- cleaned the house
- washed every garment this family owns and put them all neatly away
- made a detailed list of what Patrick eats morning noon and night
- piled all of the clothes I am taking with me to California in a corner of the bedroom and wondered why everything I own is covered in cat hair
- stocked the refrigerators and freezers with nourishing, easy-to-heat meals
- carefully arranged stamped piles of all of our completed tax returns with sticky notes indicating when they should go into the mail
- told Steve how to sauté peppers and asparagus and zucchini for the baby (To jump. Jump! Sauté!)
- printed out new pictures of Patrick and put them in my purse
- asked Steve if he thought my gray jacket would be warm enough
- confirmed Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday plans
- threw out everything in the refrigerator that might expire while I am gone, lest Steve be tempted by something suspicious
- wept a little
- drank some wine
- wondered why the hell I am going away
- asked Steve if he really thought my gray jacket would be warm enough
- tidied up Patrick's playroom and wept a little more
- chased away two cats nesting in my clothes pile
- flung my arms around Steve while he watched the basketball game and said "I never, ever want to leave you, my precious angel dream rabbit"
- moved my head out of the way of the television as instructed
- asked Steve if he really thought my gray jacket will be warm enough, really, really, did he really think so
- left the room as requested
- finished off the wine so it won't turn in my absence
- thought of something and grinned, wickedly
- posted au revoir here at Rancho Hippogriffy

I'll post a little something from the Big Foggy, if I can.