Going Back To Wednesday
What Grass Stain?


Jenny F Scientist (who I always picture in a lab coat, pencil skirt and expensive shoes) wrote -

"Speaking of  handwriting, I went to school in the Dark Ages when we did cursive handwriting exercises- and, in fact, I first learned something that was probably D'nealian and which has to this day left me unable to print legibly. It's this awful half-cursive. Anyhow, I once sent my spouse off to the store for salad fixings and he brought back a two-liter of Coke. That's how legibly I write."

Which reminded me of the following story.

Back in my own Dark Ages when Steve and I were living in Chicago, he was once wrote out a grocery list for me to take to the store and as he wrote I suggested things that needed to be added to it: feta cheese, tomatoes, soy sauce... oh and we were running low on the, uh, product that is, um, you know, water-soluble and located in the, ah, adult, that is to say, the intimate personal care aisle.

"The what?" Steve asked innocently.

"Oh just write it," I said. "But be subtle!" I added.

Thus, when I got to the grocery store and unfolded the list, I saw the words


neatly printed in letters about six inches high across the top of the page and

*code name

across the bottom.