All Alonely
Starts With A P. I Think.

Jazz Hands To Distract You

"Madam," Edward said to me this morning as I tried to expedite his zippering, "I can put on my own jacket."

Every time I think of it I start laughing all over again. Madam! I think the Dickens must've seeped into his very marrow. 

[Nothing, and I mean nothing, going on over here. I could say that I didn't want to bore you with my minutiae but then you might point out that that has never stopped me in the past. I plead laziness. Also hours spent playing a game called FTL but I am not necessarily admitting to that aloud, merely hinting at it. And my mother is visiting.

In other nothing, I just finished listening to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and despite the fact that I have read it before I cried my way through the entire thing. It is great as an audiobook. Usually I dislike multiple narrators but it really worked with the epistolary form.

What's your favorite audiobook? And if you don't listen to audiobooks what do you do while you clean the kitchen? Whistle?]