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Oh And Underwear, Of Course

Edward has a kilt that he wore all summer. In fact, it was his wardrobe staple on our road trip and for good reason; it's durable enough to survive Patrick's boundless affection, dressy enough to be worn instead of khakis when dining in Quebec and - unlike everything else we brought - impervious to wrinkles.




So when I told him that Friday was going to be their first free dress day I wasn't surprised when he instantly said, "I'm wearing my kilt."

But I was a little leery.

"You know what your friends will say, right?"

"They'll ask why I am wearing a skirt."

"Probably. Actually, almost certainly. No, definitely. The kids in your class and other classes and at lunch will ask why you are wearing a skirt. Are you ok with that?"

"Sure. I'll just tell them that it's not a skirt, it's a kilt."

"And if they still tease you?"

"They'll get over it."

And so it proved. He got the skirt questions, he fielded them, and at recess he was promoted to first best warrior knight in some elaborate castle game his friend C created because, as Edward explained it, "I was the only one in a kilt."

Uh, right! Excellent battle strategy.


PS In retrospect and as I look at headlines from this past week, I think I should have been less concerned about Bear's delicate sensibilities (it's possible he doesn't have any) and more concerned with what I was going to do if the school called me to book for letting my son wear a dress to school (it's a skirt! I mean, it's a kilt! I mean, you cannae tak’ the breeks aff a Hielan’ man.)