Because They Are All Made Of Spun Glass, Mine Included
Oh And Underwear, Of Course

Among Other Things

I suppose I would muddle along somehow without you but I am very glad I don't have to do so; and I signed Patrick up for the Red Cross babysitting certification class at the Y.

Speaking of muddling along and Patrick... I just sighed. Heavily.

After a summer without a single major headache, Patrick climbed into the car last week, croaked, "Migraine" and then curled as much into a ball as a person can while wearing a seat belt. Fortunately, like all migraineurs, I am never without my own stash of various headache medicines, so I was able to immediately give him ibuprofen and some water. He covered his head with a jacket and I told him how sorry I was that he was going to need to hold on for another thirty minutes because we had to pick up Caroline and Edward from school before we could go home. 

He said, ok.

After a few blocks he said, I'm going to be sick.

I made ineffectual little squeaking noises and told him that I would pull over, I was changing lanes, I would get him to the... he threw up. Repeatedly. In the car. Which could have been much worse - well, for me - but I had some those little trash bags left over from our road trip and I managed to find one, open it and thrust at him in the nick of time so... well.  Anyway.

Eventually I got him home and gave him his medicine and the anti-nausea stuff and he lay on the couch under a blanket for a while. Then he was all better.

Until today when he again collapsed into the car after school with another migraine.

Under the heading of ways to learn through natural consequences, I think one of the top three must be When I Don't Go To The Office To Get My Migraine Medicine I Vomit In The Car but...  why? Why doesn't he just go to the office when he feels a headache starting? Could he be embarrassed? I don't get it. I've asked him but he insists it wasn't that bad until it was awful and when I point out that he should probably just go ahead and treat the 'not that bad' headaches he said, OK.

Also why has he gotten back-to-back migraines after going all summer without one?

[Actually I have two theories about this: one is that he is not getting enough food and/or water during the day and this is a trigger for him; and two is that he started many migraines over the summer but he would say hey Mom I have a little headache and I would give him ibuprofen and that would stop it without either of us noticing that it was happening.

I am open to other theories.]