Today we went to the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tidal range in the world; meaning that the difference from high tide to low tide averages over forty feet and peaks at over fifty. 


So an hour after I took this picture the river had risen almost to where Steve is standing on the deck. The tide turns and then it just pours in to fill the basin - impressive, amazing and a little scary.

There  are lots of places you can go to appreciate the tidal change from a nice bench on a bridge or platform, but Patrick lobbied heavily for the opportunity to get into the middle of the surge and Steve is very much a DO kind of vacationer so we opted for a tidal bore rafting trip with (let me get this right because they were so nice and especially good with children - yes, I promise to trip advisor them) Wild Waters Rafting out of Princeport near Truro.

Initially Edward was not amused. The whole idea seemed preposterous to him. We were going to throw ourselves into tiny rubber boats and then agree to be driven in these boats directly into wildly tossing waves? Absurd.


He came around but it kills me, a little, to cajole him because do you think I wanted to get on that little rubber boat and get splashed with all that water and go up and down on the rapids like a roller coaster? Of course not. I just got the entire Anne of Green Gables series for $0.99 on my kindle and I have 37 hours left to go.

But we both went and it was terrific. Wet, but terrific. Exciting, fun (wet) and terrific. To cap the trip a bald eagle came down right in front of us on the river and snatched a fish out of the water. We all applauded.

So, Bay of Fundy. Jazz hands.

That said, I think I loved the rest of the day most of all because it was all so unexpected. I assumed the tidal bore would be spectacular. Who knew that Truro, Nova Scotia has an exquisitely beautiful public park with great hikes smack dab in the middle of it?






Or that I would love Fredericton, New Brunswick so much that we would visit it twice?

Since we had some flexibility on where we went tonight there was debate on the merits of heading directly into Maine. I mentioned to Steve that we could certainly do that but I thought he would really like Fredericton, which the children and I had come through on our way to PEI.

It is truly a jewel-box of a little city: historic common spaces and gingerbread Victorian houses all set on a placid river. Oh, and public tributes to beavers.







We went to a pub for dinner downtown and walked around afterward to admire the houses. Steve said, "I am enamored with this town" and I felt pleased like you do when you recommend a book that someone reads and likes.

Not sure where we are going tomorrow but we have to be in Burlington Vermont by Friday for our annual visit with Steve's birth family (father's side this time) so we are definitely heading south and west. Most likely I will miss Canada like a limb but I haven't been in Maine for almost forty years (can that be right?) so I expect I will like it there again too. Blueberries. Lobster. Ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies. Hawkeye Pierce.

*Yeah. Well. I did get Edward a new Kindle. I had it shipped to our house and Steve brought it when he came. On the one hand I was, like, what, you've lost your mittens? You naughty kittens! Et cetera, et cetera, NO PIE. And on a very real level - for Edward at least - it was like that. On our very shortest day we had at least three hours in the car and Edward's iron stomach has enabled him to read or listen to his own audiobook regardless. So every single one of however many minutes that was without his kindle was painful for him. That said - it was even more painful for me because he kept talking about it. Ceaselessly.

True story: I tend to wake Edward first in the morning - you would too if you had to choose between  generally sweet Edward slowly blinking to life and the other two snarling like bulldogs trapped under a rug  - and days after his kindle was broken I said something annoying (I'm not a morning person either) like: "Time to wake up and start a bright sparkling new day..." and Edward opened his eyes from a dead sleep to counter, "...without my kindle."

So I ordered him a new one for my own sanity and I take comfort from the fact that this indulgence won't be the reason why he winds up moving into our basement - it was his intention all along.