Since we got into the Maritime Provinces people have been apologizing for the weather. Apparently they are having the coolest, rainiest July in over a decade (two?) and everyone wanted to let us know how very sorry they are about it. It's very endearing (and Canadian) but personally I think the weather has been glorious. I'm a cool and rainy sort of person so the fact that it was in the 60s as we explored Cape Breton - mizzling off and on - suited me just fine.

Today was more of an in-between day. We left Cape Breton; went to the Gaelic College where I mentally explored the possibility of returning for an immersion course, bought a better dictionary, a phrasebook and a new grammar text - my dream of one day being able to read the children's book someone gave me years ago is getting closer to reality; I can now tell you with confidence that not only was Jimi a mouse, he was a happy mouse - then we had lunch before heading to Truro.

Steve drove, it rained, we listened to Bartimaeus book two (a little slow, I have to tell you) I fell asleep and then the children had to explain to me what I had missed during my nap: not much, being the consensus.

Steve has the kids at the hotel pool and I'm sitting here, well obviously I am talking to you, but I am also trying to figure out where we are going to squeeze the inflatable bed for Patrick on the postage stamp sized squares of floor space around the two beds.

Oh poor Patrick and I am so vexed. In anticipation of this trip I researched inflatable mattresses. We have a couple at home that we use when the cousins visit but they are heavy and battery operated and I deemed them unsuitable since I was the one who was going to be dragging the bags around. So I bought a new one that the internet swore up and down was light and fast and it plugged in and I thought - great! The first morning we used it I woke up to the muffled sound of Patrick trying to move his arms and legs. His body was resting directly on the floor and the mattress was puffed up around him.

"I feel like I'm being injection molded," he moaned.

Which would have been bad enough but he's had to... oh for heavens' sake. I just had a thought while I was typing this. I can move Patrick in with Edward and Caroline can sleep on the inflatable. She is half Patrick's size and perhaps the leak won't be as bad with less weight? I'll try that.

Speaking of packing and as long as Steve still has the kids at the pool... I think I did a pretty good job of organizing our belongings for the trip.

I went with many small'ish bags and the theory that I would then only have to bring in what was needed for each hotel (provided I had safe parking - so far so good.)

I have a backpack that just has swimming stuff in it - suits, googles, towels; if there is no pool or no plan to swim it stays in the car. I have another backpack for fleeces and a third for raincoats. Each family member has their own duffel bag (I, ah, have two) and I separated socks and underwear into a jumbo ziploc bag inside everyone's duffel so they've been easy to find. Caroline has a backpack with her Kindle and special blanket and... a printout of a botanical illustration of a mandrake root (don't ask. I haven't.) Edward has a backpack with his, well, just his blanket for a while there after the Great Smashening

- Julianna asked about the passive construction of "Edward's Kindle got shattered" wondering about the lack of expressed agency. Short answer: I don't know. I went into the gas station to pay and when I returned the car was in an uproar and the glass was fractured into a million billion pieces. The currently accepted story is that Edward accidentally sat on it but... I dunno. I think there is more to it than that. However, Patrick started a Siblings Protect Each Other movement somewhere in Ontario and it has continued to hold fast; no one is snitching. I guess I approve -

What else?

I brought a tote bag full of shelf-stable snacks like apples and breakfast bars which has stayed in the car with a small cooler for water bottles and a duffel bag that holds the inflatable mattress, a sheet, a pillow and a blanket, ditto.

I think that's it. Oh, and a laptop bag that has my laptop and all of the chargers. 

Family is back; off to try a recommended Thai restaurant - all hail Yelp.