I went to check into our hotel today only to discover that I had inadvertently booked the room for last night. Ah. Ha ha ha HA. Since I had used one of the internet booking sites ( in this case) I was utterly flummoxed; I had already paid for the room and the hotel had held it for me despite the fact that I never arrived. They then charged me for the room as a no-show; since it is not their fault that I am the human equivalent of a radish. So I stood there gaping at them and they looked blankly back at me and I think at this point we would have been at an impasse - what with me saying that I do not know how I could have been so flaky and them saying yeah we don't know either - when the desk clerk and the desk manager and the general manager who happened to be standing there all took pity on me and gave me the room. Just like that. No charge. They were even nice enough to say it could happen to anyone; which was, of course, a complete lie.

[Hey social media savvy people - I'm not on facebook but is there a twitter appropriate way to say thank you? Obviously I can tell you right now that The Grand Holman hotel in Charlottetown, PEI is the bee's knees but that only gets them, ah, so far. Do I just say thank you for x @whatever? Please advise.]

Apart from that, Prince Edward Island. Preeeettttty. So pretty. We would have seen more of it but we couldn't stop eating. Edward alone has consumed at least two pounds of mussels and another two pounds of lobster in the past six hours (John Browns and Rowhouse were great) and Patrick and Caroline - who have previously been mussel adverse - tried one each at lunch and then dove face first into the bowl.



And there is always the hotel pool