I was going to say that I cannot think of a word to describe the size of this hotel room (I just typed woom) but then I thought of a few: eensy, miniscule, teeny, minute, microscopic, Lilliputian. Checking into a two-story hotel five minutes after a hundred teenagers and their assorted chaperones we were met with the following options: two double beds in a smoking room or one king in a non. We went with the king and figured that we could manage with the addition of a cot plus the inflatable mattress. And I'm sure we could; if there was anywhere to put them other than on top of each other and under a pile of luggage.

Five people in a room the size of our cat's closet is making me feel a little... chest clutchy. I took the longest shower of my life, came out to discover Patrick and Edward thrashing around under a blanket playing Silent Tickle - HA! - and went back into the bathroom to take another shower. 

Spent the morning in beautiful Fredericton walking along the river front and visiting their art museum. Nice building, small but interesting collection. Contemporary exhibit of photographs and some mixed media pieces in their basement spaces were the most popular with the family - also the antique furnishings which were few but lovely.

Maine is another one of the places to which we are not able to give nearly enough time - we spent an hour last night trying to work out a way to see some of the Acadia National Park and still be in Burlington by tomorrow afternoon. Not happening; so... next time. 

On the plus side, the hotel has a guest laundry with two machines so I have been able to put in a load of clothes (I brought a small ziploc with some of those detergent pods in them just in case) for which I am inexpressibly grateful. After the mud and the water - so much water; did I mention the water? - of the Bay of Fundy I have been nervously eyeing (spell-check just accepted eying and is rejecting eyeing - really? I'm too tired to google it but that cannot be right) the bag of still wet clothes and towels in the back of the car.

I need to go check on the clothes, breathe into a paper bag and then escape into a book. I've hit my introverted wall. Walls, actually, and I can touch all four of them while sitting on the bed.