Sooner Or Later

Keep Talking

Ten minutes away from me there is a restaurant slash golf club house buried in the center of a rather swanky housing development where I met my football friends (there are three of us now - soon we will be legion) to watch the world cup. This is not our usual place but for reasons of proximity and expediency we thought it was the best choice and I have to admit that all of the golfers chatting about that bogey they almost got on the eighth provided a piquant backdrop. It was like two Wodehouse short stories (one of his brrrrrrillliant early school tales involving footer and a later golf one - "'Is your name Cootaboot?' asked Mrs Smethurst, faintly") merged into one. There was even a gentleman wearing a pair of lime green plaid shorts that were so lurid in their color scheme that I could only conclude they must have magical properties.

Where was I?

Oh right. Watching world cup at a golf club. Well, eventually, watching world cup because there was a little confusion at first: we wanted to watch what? Wasn't that last summer? Oh WOMEN, right. And it is on TV? On American TV? Right now? On a channel? REALLY! Well live and... .

But once that was sorted it was fine. Even with - forgive me for sounding sexist - the men at the bar who presumably have never watched a soccer game in their lives but who still felt compelled to provide a running commentary:

"So, two sixty minute halves, right?"

"Um, forty-five and forty-five."

"Right, right. And then the shoot out!"

"If it is a tie, yes, but first they have two more fifteen minute periods."

"Yes! Then the shoot out!"


"Those are great. Like hockey."



"Nice kick! America is looking strong!"

Not really. Which brings me to my actual point tonight: the US will need to find a way to create scoring opportunities or they will lose to Germany. China had no offense against the US but Germany will attack the goal and if America cannot respond they will go home.

Also, France outplayed Germany and in a fair and perfect universe they would have won. However. They didn't. A good game and hard to watch overtime when both teams were obviously so tired.

I am looking forward to the games tomorrow. Canada v England is a little bit like the Ireland v Scotland Euro match for me... I would support either of them wholeheartedly but, you know, Thunderdome.

So. O! Canada.

[The day after we got back from Montreal Patrick asked, "So did you bring us anything? I mean, besides that Canadian accent?"

It's true. My goal is to one day assimilate to the point that French-Canadians don't instantly switch to English the moment I answer them in French; and for English speaking Canadians to embrace me as one of their own  - not just because I aspire to a peaceful, generous... may I say Canadian... spirit - but in light of the slow, broad tread of my vowels.]

PS Patrick's birthday was brought to him courtesy of the internet; every single idea came from you. Many thanks to Kathy who suggested an Escape Room party and even went to the trouble of making sure we had them in the Cities before she posted. I had never heard of such a thing but as soon as I googled it I realized it would be perfect for Patrick and his friends - he agreed and took a rain check for the beginning of September when everyone will be around again. And a hearty thank you to Pat who linked me to makey makey, which... you can use bananas as a keyboard... and Madeleine for The Signal and The Noise book recommendation and Alice whose MIT gift shop suggestion lead me to an Edible Chemistry kit. 

As for the tshirts... it was like a rabbit hole. I seriously don't think I have spent so much time shopping for anything in my life. So many good choices. My personal favorite was from Woot - Count to Pi but this one