In A Manner Of Speaking
Year Of The Horse (Plus One)


I am very glad that the US scored that second goal against Germany; as it erased the asterisk of the yellow-that-should-have-been-red before Germany's missed penalty kick and the call-that-should-not-have-been before America's successful penalty kick. Luck clearly favored the States a few times but in the end it didn't matter.

Steve watched it with me and we talked a bit about men's and women's matches.

Eventually I said, "There! That right there! That is the biggest difference between men and women in soccer."

Steve said, "What is?"

"What the commentator just said at the end there."

"Which was?"

"He said, 'And, with the final whistle, America goes on to the World Cup final.'"


PS I just had a fortunately/unfortunately moment.

I was sitting on the couch and it suddenly occurred to me that I really, really would like to eat a Good Humor Toasted Almond bar; like Bilbo and the ring, you know, just... one more time. But then I realized that they don't have Good Humor trucks anymore. But then I googled it and they still make them and sell them in stores! But not in stores within 500 miles of me.

So now I am sad.