No. Really. This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You.
A Love Letter

The Other Season In Minnesota

As much as I like to have the children outside getting fresh air, exercise and vitamin D now that the days are warm there is a significant drawback.

I had to remove four (4) attached deer ticks today from two children - I am excellent at it by the way.

1. Swab area surrounding attached tick with rubbing alcohol.

2. Use tweezers to grab the body of the tick firmly but not so tightly that you crush it.

3. Applying steady pressure, gently pull tick away from the body until the skin puckers.

4. Hold, maintaining tautness, until the tick releases on its own.

5. Carry tick over to the stove and burn it. 

We do tick checks multiple times a day but I have never forgotten that an infectious disease doctor once told me that the odds of finding and removing every tick are slim so it always seems a little futile.

I'm not surprised ticks are hard to find. Caroline once had one embed in the bottom of her foot that we only found by chance and [name redacted for privacy] had one on [gender neutral] anus that we only found because [redacted] was very fond of showing us [ditto] butt at the time. As you can imagine it was a very full moon...

Fortunately we live in a part of the Cities where doctors take tick-borne illnesses very seriously. Patrick, alone, has been tested for Lyme's disease at least three times. Unfortunately we live in a part of the world where tick-borne illnesses are prevalent.

I am never all that fond of nature (while Steve and the children romped and looked for mushrooms I was in the basement pulling everything out of a storage room with the idea that I was going to organize it - it looks like a bomb went off down there; you know the feeling? you decide you are going to do a massive clean out of a closet or something and you get to the point where everything is a thousand times worse and you don't want to do it any more but your bed is covered in bridesmaids' dresses?) but I truly LOATHE ticks.