A Love Letter

Sun Tzu's Other Lost Art

From the back seat Caroline asked, "Mom, what does persistent mean?"

"Doing something over and over again despite resistance or failure."

"Oh," she said, thoughtfully.

I half-turned my head and saw that she was reading The Girls' Book - How to be the Best at Everything. I turned my head a little further and glimpsed the title of the page she was studying: How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Pet.

Our eyes met and I saw a gleam of determination in them that made my blood run cold. But I swear to you, with James Herriot as my witness, I don't care how persistent she is: we are not getting a white-crested cockatoo. The blaste... blessed creatures can live to be forty, for heavens' sake. 

I might be willing to compromise on a goldfish but I am keeping that fact up my sleeve for future rounds of negotiation.