But Charmed

So Simple Once You Know

This morning Edward reached into the freezer, extracted two waffles and shut the door. Then he opened it again and peered inside.

"Mom?" he said.


"Why is there a pair of shoes in the freezer?"

I laughed and walked over to get the shoes.

"Thanks!" I said. "I almost forgot that they were in there."

"But why are they in the freezer?" he repeated.

"I guess it must seem weird but it's pretty simple. I bought a pair of shoes that were too narrow for my feet so when I got them home I needed to stretch them. I put on a pair of thick socks and then the shoes and then I heated my feet with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes to help soften the leather. Then I took off the shoes, filled two plastic bags with water, shoved the bags into the shoes and put them into the freezer. As the water turned to ice it expanded and - hopefully - made the shoes a bit wider. Make sense?"

Edward continued to stare at me, a puzzled expression on his face.

"What?" I said. "As water freezes it gets a bit bigger."

"OK but I'm just trying to understand why you don't think it is weird that you bought a pair of shoes that you know didn't fit you."