Sun Tzu's Other Lost Art
But Charmed


On the smallest of scales, few feelings can match the satisfaction that comes from tidying a space that has been accumulating clutter for years. In fact, I believe Milan Kundera originated the unbearable lightness of being after helping a friend clean out her garage, although he ultimately went in a different direction with that.

As I mentioned before I recently decided to organize a storage room we have in the basement. Why, exactly, I concluded this needed to be done now rather than, say, in thirty years I am not certain. To be honest I think it has to do with the fact that my mother is coming to take care of the children when we go to Montreal and I felt like I needed to make sure that all of the salsas in the fridge are still edible. How this then extended to a room in the basement that she has never seen and will never see I am not sure - but there it is.

It took me the entirety of the three day weekend to excavate layer upon layer of stuff we were too lazy to get rid of in a straightforward fashion but in the end... TA DA!


Two things:

1. the reason that we have a carpeted storage room in the basement is because following the Great Ejector Pit Septic Disaster of 2011'ish I never wanted to touch that cement floor with any part of my body ever again, ever, and the insurance company paid for it


2. I realize that there are labels on some of the bins with photographs of the contents and I further realize that that makes me seem like I am deranged but in my defense I did it when the twins were babies and it was winter and I never left the house. And I was deranged.


It was with pride that I surveyed the fruit of my labors, contemplating as I did so one of my favorite aphorisms: happiness is setting attainable goals and reaching them. So true.

Then I turned, walked out the door of the storage room


and tripped and fell and broke my neck.

The End