Huh. Well. That Was Emphatic, Arsenal
Apologies For The Sudden Very Downward Shift In Topic

2015 Books.2

Caroline, Edward, Patrick and I are still listening to the Artemis Fowl series. This is the second time around for me and Patrick and we agree it's even better as a repeat. It's genius. OK, maybe not every book out of the eight is equally strong but overall the stories are entertaining, the writing is excellent and the narrator is superb.

Caroline, Edward and I have been less successful in our post-Patrick drop-off books, however. We tried Timmy Failure and although I like the books I couldn't handle the audio because I loathed the narrator. I am mortified to admit that none of us could get past Chris Colfer as a narrator of his Land of Stories either, which baffles me since I quite like his voice in general - no idea if the books are good; I'll have to read them because it was a three to nil vote to stop the audio version. We did most of the E.D. Baker Frog Princess series but I do not recommend them, either. The first one was... cute; the rest were repetitive. Right now we are listening to the Princess Academy and it is hard to believe how boring it is. I keep telling myself that it is bound to get better but we are halfway through and, frankly, shouldn't something have happened by now? I think it's a Newberry Winner, too, but I might be wrong about that - I have a vague recollection of a gold emblem on the front of the book.  

So any thoughts? As soon as we are done with Artemis Fowl I am going to spring Anne of Green Gables on the three of them but in the meantime I could use a fun book for the first graders and me. I keep thinking it should be obvious - a classic, maybe? - but I find myself in the audiobook section of the library picking up Charlotte's Web only to put it back down again (I don't like it when Charlotte dies) and leave.

PS Patrick, Caroline and Edward became so coated with mud today that someone (I suspect Steve) brought a bottle of shampoo out onto the porch, ostensibly so the children could shower under the garden hose. Patrick acidly asked, "Why not just strap us to the top of the Toyota like three little Christmas trees and drive us through the car wash?"

It's not a terrible idea.

PPS Patrick and I are listening to The Accidental Highwayman. I think I like it but I will have to let you know for sure after we're done.