One Must Suffer To... Oooh! Pretty!
Time + Patience

With Two Minutes To Spare

1. Steve is in Cincinnati and I miss him. 

2. I cancelled Caroline's four week post-surgical follow up when she had that fever and completely forgot to reschedule it. She took a bath last night and as I was helping her to dry off her incision scar kinda... ruptured and then started to bleed. No idea what is going on with that (it's been, what? seven weeks?) so I called the surgeon's office and he is seeing her on Friday.

3. Per your recommendation I told Patrick about Spoonflower and I think we might have created a monster. He spent four hours in Photoshop this evening creating patterns.

4. After I pried him off the computer we watched the second episode of Sherlock Holmes and it was... different. I had watched the series with Steve when it first came out but I am pretty sure that neither of us laughed until tears were streaming down our faces. Patrick found Holmes - and more specifically the reactions people had to Holmes - very, very, very, very... funny.