A Ministering Angel Thou
May Day

Oh. Thanks. You... Shouldn't Have

Caroline came in from the backyard and handed me a small bouquet.


I understood that it was intended as a loving gesture so I managed not to react as if she had just presented me with the severed hand of a dear friend but that is pretty much how I felt. I knew that daffodil, Horatio. It's as if there was a sole survivor of the Spartan 300 who escaped the Persians only to succumb to a butterfly allergy.

Very sad but I have placed the... remains in my favorite cut-flower solution and I have hopes that it might prolong the inevitable.

PS Question: Edward has been on antibiotics since Tuesday. He definitely still has a cough but is otherwise in spirits. Do I send him to school tomorrow or keep him home until Monday?


Cut Flower Preservative:

1 tsp bleach

1 tsp sugar

2 tsp lemon juice

1 quart of warm water

Dissolve sugar in bleach, lemon juice, water mixture. Chill if using with bulb flowers.