Reductio Ad Absurdum
Might For Bacon!


Have any of you read (or listened to) The School for Good and Evil? Patrick and I began it last Fall and found it odd but entertaining, oddly entertaining. Recently we started listening to the sequel and realized two thing: neither of us had fully understood how the first one ended and... what the hell? The first handful of chapters in A World Without Princes has us baffled.

Is it a thoroughly modern fairytale (in which case Patrick and I heartily agree that Agatha could do much better for herself than that narcissist Sophie)? Is it the anti-fairytale; a cynical assertion that there is no such thing as good or evil or love or loyalty or selfishness or bravery... ? Or is it going to come full circle traditional on us and trounce the girl affirming in order to decry the boy bashing?

In short: is the second book a clever interpretation of the genre that will keep us guessing or is it about to become the fictional embodiment of the Washington Post's comment section; a place in which people come in only two flavors but no sane person could possibly identify with either?

Please advise (without ruining the ending, natch) because Patrick is begging me to abandon the book entirely and - although I have our next book ready to go, The Accidental Highwayman [I know NOTHING about it; not a recommendation yet] because I have a narrator issue to resolve before we can start the Thursday Next series - I would like to stick with it.