Might For Bacon!
I Did Not Leave The House Today

Virus Redux

I thought how pretty Caroline looked this morning when she woke up - her cheeks all rosy, her hair curling in damp tendrils upon her brow, her eyes bright and glittering with... oh.

She's been on the couch all day with a raging fever. I guess she picked up Edward's sore throat and is interpreting it in a new and interesting way (like Hamlet on roller skates.) Nothing hurts, she says, but her temperature goes up to 104'ish and then comes down with ibuprofen/tylenol to 102'ish.

She looks like a glazed ham and there could not have been a worse day for Steve to be traveling. Not only was I supposed to take Patrick to the neurologist this morning (able to be rescheduled for Monday, fortunately) but I had to pry Caroline out of her couch bed in order to get Patrick and Edward from school. I picked her up to carry her to the car and she started to cry.

I felt so guilty.