Virus Redux

Might For Bacon!

Question for you: how long do you make a kid stick with something?

In general, my rule of thumb would be that having signed up for something the child needs to attend until the end of a given session (and then find something new to try) but somehow with karate I got conned into buying, like, three years worth of classes (it came with the time share?) thus there is no End. 

So on the one hand I have paid for it already; it is a great activity to accompany the physical therapy Edward receives; the foundation of discipline, respect and self-respect is terrific and karate experts are indisputably bad ass.

[True story:

the other morning Patrick - whose interest in/awareness of things like the martial arts is nonexistent - was talking about his friend who brings a bacon sandwich to school every day. Since Patrick's love of bacon is well known Caroline joked, "Wow, I'm surprised you have never tried to take it from him."

Patrick snorted. "Ha! My funeral" and then explained, "He's a black belt."

Caroline, Edward and I all nodded because, of course, a black belt in karate? Keeps his bacon.]

So karate! Positive messages! Great for balance coordination and stretching! All good!

But on the other hand Edward loathes it. Truly. I think he is frustrated by his lack of progress (he is - and I say this with all the love in my ever-expanding heart - absolutely terrible) and every, single, karate Thursday he complains and complains and complains... it is so wearing. Yes, I think we all know Edward would be happiest if he could spend all day every day on the couch with me reading or playing games on his Kindle (hell who wouldn't) but maybe there is something else out there he would like better than karate? I really don't know.

What do you think? I'm sure there is a way I could be handling it better.