It Might Run To Volumes
Just, WOW

Every Moment Is Such A Joy

"I'm booooored," Caroline complained from her bed on the couch. I rolled my eyes, turned off the water in the sink and walked into the living room - again.

"Would you like one of the new library books?"


"Would you like a book from your room?"


"Would you like some paper and crayons?"


"Do you want to listen to an audiobook?"


"Do you want your kindle?"


"Do you want to watch a movie?"


"Do you want to watch TV?"

"Eh, maybe. What do we have?"

So I went through the DVR list with her: Scooby-Doo, Octonauts, Strip the City, My Little Pony, Garfield, Phineas & Ferb...

"I watched them all yesterday."

"Caroline. There are..." I checked the screen, "Eighty-four My Little Ponys recorded. Eighty-four."

"I know!" she snapped "And I watched them ALL yesterday!"

So, hmm, half hour program, subtract ten minutes for commercials, multiply by irrational convalescent peevishness... yeah.

Good news! Caroline is feeling better.

And she is totally going back to school tomorrow.

PS Why in the name of all that is holy do we have eighty-four freaking episodes of My Little Pony saved on our DVR? Who set that recording preference? When I think of all the shows of Steve's that I have had to delete in order to accommodate my ever increasing football schedule (hey! why did no one tell me that there is some sort of UEFA 2016 Euro Cup for which there would be qualifying? I am going to have to record re-runs from this weekend - and I am telling you right now my heart is with Scotland.)

PPS For my beloved germophobes I am so sorry I distressed you with tale of ice cream sharing. I feel that way about snakes and can imagine what I would think if someone told me a story about how her kid did not want a snake but she handed him a snake anyway. I would drop dead.