I Did Not Leave The House Today
It Might Run To Volumes

And So On

Caroline's fever inched still higher today (105, a new house record I think) and when I noticed that she has started a rash on her neck and chest I took her to the urgent care, where we all agreed that she is one sick little kid.


My poor little tamale - she fell asleep on the table between her exam and the doctor coming back to let us know that the initial strep test was negative.

He tested her for mono and then added Lyme's when I suddenly remembered that we were at the farm three weeks ago and it was so warm we found a few deer ticks crawling on arms. Nothing embedded in Caroline but honestly deer tick are so small and Caroline's hair is so thick it would be a miracle to find one if it went for her scalp. Anyway, highly unlikely but worth checking. 

The mono test came back negative so he went ahead and put her on amoxicillin because: it still might be strep; if it is Lyme's they start with amoxicillin anyway; and random bacterial infections will respond as well.

My expectation is that she will be feeling significantly better by tomorrow, which means she will be a complete pain in the ass. Sick children are pitiful but easy; recovering children are peevish and demanding.

PS I still think it is probably the flu or a particularly stubborn tonsilitis but I did have a moment this afternoon when I saw that rash starting to creep across her collarbone and I thought yikes. Scarlet fever? Measles? Fevers, even really high ones, don't bother me but apparently I am a rash-o-phobe.