And The Accompanying Emotions
Helicopter Twin


In general Steve has a need for more information before he is willing to commit to any given course of action, which is why it took us four years (years. four of them) to buy a dining room table. What if a better smarter prettier... table were to have shown up five minutes after he got that other one home? What then?

Since I am vastly more impetuous (anxious yet impulsive - I was a delightful teenager) Steve's innate caution has alternately exasperated and inspired me over the years. On the one hand I was, like, it's a goddamned table. It's wood. It has four legs. Whatever, just pick one! On the other I have to admit that some of my pre-Steve decisions might have been improved upon: you don't even want to know how much I paid an unscrupulous used car dealer for a pink Geo Prism and I did leave law school rather... abruptly. Mistakes were made.

Now I think we balance each other. Steve keeps me from moving to Bozeman just because it was really pretty that one weekend we were there; and I built a decision matrix from his stated needs before we went car shopping last summer and then presented him with a list of the seven cars which he could test drive. Seven. That's it. There were no other possible cars within the matrix. There was no more information. So he picked one.

Good heavens, where was I?

Oh. I was going to say that, unlike some people, I heartily dislike waiting before I decide what to do but... here I am.

My mom's gentleman friend is taking her to the doctor tomorrow (and oh my goodness could you be any kinder or sweeter or nicer or more generous? I particularly wish that I could have Meg's snuggle puggle go check on my mother. Mom loves dogs) and after that we'll figure out if/when she needs me to come.

My doctor is on vacation this week and I couldn't get into the neurologist until March so I am also waiting-and-seeing about the headaches. I added magnesium per your recommendation (why not?) and I am trying to get lots of sleep and avoid, ah, everything I like. Tea, wine and most recently the triptans. Rebound headaches seemed likely or - another possibility - it's hormonal so out of my control entirely but resolved (at least temporarily) by time. And I restarted my headache journal (they have apps now!) And I have been headache free for... oh. Two days. Big bloody deal. It felt like longer.

On the impulsive plus side and entirely as a result of your encouragement we booked our trip to Montreal. Exclamation point. Steve started to suffer from information deficit as we looked into race tickets but I knocked him unconscious and went all manic pixie dream fan... we're practically going to be on top of pit lane. Zoom.