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March Eve

The winters are long and I love my counter top gardens:

Snapdragons (and lavender and dianthus although you cannot see them here)


And my third harvest of cherry tomatoes, six months after I started these plants



All hail aerogarden.

But my absolute darling is this diminutive beauty, a bonsai jasmine that my brother sent me for my birthday. It lost over half its leaves in the first month (you'd be stressed too if you were shipped across the country in a cardboard box - wasn't that a disturbing Velvet Underground song?) and then around Christmas I discovered it was infested with mealybugs but good lighting, careful watering, insecticidal soap, leaf baths and constant vigilance has brought it around again and... I think it might actually bloom this Spring.



PS The day we brought Patrick home from the hospital I took a photograph of him to put with the baby announcement. I remember looking at the picture before we sent them and thinking, sincerely, oh my goodness we have the most attractive baby that has ever been born; how did that happen? Then Steve spoke with his grandmother after she received the baby picture and she assured him that Patrick (legally known as Steven like his father and grandfather) was the most gorgeous baby she had ever seen since the first Steven (Steve's Dad, her son, Patrick's grandfather) was born. And I thought, well, yes, it's probably true.

All of which is to say that I showed my bonsai to a friend and she asked, "Is it OK? It doesn't have a lot of leaves" and I looked at her like she was crazy. Clearly that is the most hearty, the most lush, the most perfect little tree in the world. She must not be a plant person.