Turn Turn Turn

Bedtime Soup Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

I am going to take shameless advantage of the fact that Steve is home and retire for the evening with my book and a mug of bedtime soup. To be honest I still feel a little weird. Does my head hurt? No. Does my head not hurt? No, not that either. And yes, I will go to the doctor, thank you for the nudge.

Speaking of books, Patrick was not allowed to bring his kindle so when he asked how he was going to read on his field trip I told him to grab an actual paper book to take with him (which, as Caroline would say even though we have told her a thousand times not to do so: duh!) Not that I believed for a moment that a bunch of seventh grade boys sharing a dorm room were going to settle down for their evening read but whatever. 

I just dumped the contents of his bag onto his floor and I could have cried with pleasure when I saw that he had chosen to bring Eats Shoots and Leaves with him. Have you read it yet? Have you? I told you like a month ago to stop what you were doing and start it immediately. I have said it before and I will say it again: best. punctuation. book. ever.

Also, Edward has recently discovered the Basher science books and they are charming. Highly recommended for any small to medium sized fact seeker in your life. 

PS Personally, I am either going to start Five Days at Memorial (an account of the "achingly tough decisions made by medical responders during Hurricane Katrina") or continue a frothy Barbara Metzger regency. Dilemma.