Maybe I Never Was Madcap

And The Accompanying Emotions

My day in interjections:

1. Hooray:

You're right. I can do this. It'll work out. We'll go to Montreal exclamation point.

2. Whoa:

A friend and I met to watch round 16 this afternoon and Barcelona is spectacular; Man City seemed unable to present any sort of offense at all for the first seventy minutes. The match was a pleasure to watch but a tiny corner of my mind pondered the fact that if this is the level of UEFA play, Chelsea is shortly to be eaten for desayuno.

3. Awww:

I had ordered Edward a couple more Basher books that arrived today after being interminably delayed by weather. When he saw them he got so excited that he started jumping up and down [The Periodic Table! Algebra & Geometry!] and shouted, "Quick Caroline! New books! To the snuggle zone!" Then he pointed one finger straight into the air and ran off.

I looked at Caroline. "Where's the snuggle zone?" I asked.

"I haven't the faintest idea," she responded.

4. Oh no:

Apparently my mom fell and has injured her ankle badly enough that she is unable to walk. She managed today by scooting around her apartment on her... elegance but this is at best a short term solution. She told me tonight that I did not need to come immediately but... maybe the day after immediately. We're going to assess tomorrow. And to think that I - literally - bit my nails off as I worried about coming up with childcare four months from now. Fortunately Steve is around and not traveling for the next week but still... stressful.