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Ackshuwee It Was The Rapid Deceleration At The End

Steve had a skiing accident last week that was serious enough to make me very grateful it wasn't worse. He lost control at high speed (perhaps he was overly optimistic in establishing his skill-to-speed ratio or perhaps he was tripped by a lemming - we'll never know) and crashed. The good news (since apparently he and I are complete idiots who put our kids into helmets for everything from taking the top bunk to eating  a sandwich but never considered similarly equipping ourselves) is that he managed to protect his head. The less good news is that in doing so he walloped his back into the edge of a metal electrical box.

Ugly. It's seriously ugly. I took him to the emergency room the next morning and he told the intake person he had "hurt his lower back". I looked at him like, really? because 'hurt his back' made it sound like he pulled something while bending over; the reality is that from behind he looks like the Big Bad Wolf a couple of minutes after the woodcutter arrived. It was almost comical to see the nurse's face change from polite concern to wincing grimace as Steve peeled up his shirt to reveal his injury. Or, rather, it would have been comical if I had not been absorbed at the time, trying to help him onto the gurney like a particularly needy baby koala.

It has been a week and he can now hobble from the bed to his desk to the couch. He recently attempted the kitchen as well but I banned him after he did... something while making a smoothie and wound up on the floor literally screaming in agony. Caroline came racing in with the phone, all ready to dial 9-1-1. Most alarming, although nice to know Caroline is prepared for an emergency.

Poor Steve. He really is completely debilitated and it is hard to imagine that his back is going to get significantly better quickly enough to content him. In the meantime he is [insert your own misandristic cliche about men and their tolerance for illness.]  

So there is that.

Spring Breaaaaaaaaak!








(that last one? is why I am signing her up for karate again. she's a natural ninja)

Actually only Caroline and Edward were out of school this week. Patrick started his break today and the twins go back on Monday. There was a time when I would have found this inconvenient but it's not like we were going anywhere anyway (and we would have had to cancel due to immobility even if we had been) so... staggering is fine.

Speaking of staggering I should go check on Steve. Poor Steve. He hates this so much.