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Quelle Surprise

Hullo, hullo, hullo! What ho, what?

It took about a week for my head to stop bothering me. Since then I've been malingeri..

Holy cats! Three milliseconds ago I received an email saying that Edward (Edward. Edward. Edouard) has lotteried into French kindergarten. Good grief, what is Steve going to say? He thinks the whole immersion idea is... ill-conceived for our family based upon the logistics and now I have really been and gone and done it. When I submitted applications for the twins to various and sundry far-flung language schools I promised him that we didn't need to consider the distances involved because neither of them was going to get in anywhere anyway. And now Eddybear (good grief I can hear it now: Maman! Je deteste l'ecole, hein?!) got into the French place and Caroline (did I tell you this already? no I guess not) Caroline has a relationship through her Saturday Chinese class with the woman who runs the closest ("closest" I'll get to that in a second) Mandarin immersion school and she was unofficially offered a space there a few weeks ago.

Ha! Oh man. What a dilemma.

To help you visualize, hold out your hands with your thumbs touching and your index fingers extended straight up - like a goal post. Patrick's current school (we will hear on Monday if he got into a new school and that would offer a whole different logistical issue) is located at the tip of your right index finger. The French school is at the tip of your other index finger. We live where the right thumb connects with the wrist and the Mandarin school is on Mars.

Ha! I say again. 

I already spend four (4) hours a day transporting children and that is with the twins at one place and Patrick at another. If I did this and scattered them like so many plots I would have to get an RV. Maybe Steve and I could visit with each other on weekends.

Hmmmm, although... I suppose if Patrick lotteries into the new school and Caroline gets some reasonable place on the French school waiting list or I call tomorrow and ask about sibling placements... hmmmm. I am literally tenting my fingertips and tapping them together. I look like Mr Burns. I do so like the idea of immersion schools.

I guess I will wait for additional information on Caroline and Patrick and, you know, good problems to have and Patrick can always stay where he is for another year while Caroline and Edward start kindergarten at the very nice school where Patrick went and I won't have to apply for a long haul license.

Where was I?

Oh right, I was malingering and watching movies. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Patrick, I am sad to say, completely failed to appreciate the brilliance of Strictly Ballroom. His only comment was a terse "thank god" as soon as the final credits started to roll. Philistine. He did like Galaxyquest, though, and Back to the Future. Men in Black was popular. My mind is blanking, what else? Oh we're trying some judiciously edited screenings of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Patrick - oddly to my mind - is enchanted by the animated bits which I found revolting back in the day and I still dislike. Beyond that he appreciates the absurdity of some of the skits; others go straight past him and then, blammo, a depiction of a naked female torso flashes across the screen and he tries to look wordly. Edward was terrified by Wallace and Grommit (whoops. sorry Edward) but Caroline was so enchanted she watched A Matter of Loaf and Death four times before I returned it to the library.

I actually managed to make an Excel sheet of the movie suggestions this time and if I can figure out how to post a file on the sidebar I will put it up for you. Remind me. The two I want to try next are Romancing the Stone and Groundhog Day but would you believe that our library owns copies of neither? Nothing ages you quite so much as the asumption that films from 15 or more years ago are fairly recent.

What else? I am feeling oppressed by the permasnow that always lingers in March and have started rearranging all of the furniture in the house. I moved Patrick's painting stuff out of my office (my actual office not my hiding-from-the-children-at-the-vanity-in-the-bathroom-office) which is a small room off the kitchen that we think was intended to be used as a dining room but we're not sure how. You could fit a table in here or you could fit chairs in here; it would be difficult to do both. We originally used it as a playroom/baby jail for Patrick and then it became a playroom for everyone and then it morphed into my office which meant there was space for my laptop and a loveseat and all of Patrick's painting and dyeing and sewing and soapmaking whatnot. In time I started to feel oppressed by the towering tributes to Patrick's craftiness (and neverending winter) so this weekend I moved his stuff into the basement (next to a giant window! great north light! don't judge me.) This has left me alone in the room with a small desk, a too-big loveseat and a liquor cabinet. Sure it sounds great but it looks weird. You would think after a decade of HGTV I could know what to do to fix the room (bring the outdoors in, throw pillows, a dog bed in the sunny corner plus matching accessory dog) but I don't.

We just taught Patrick how to play Ticket to Ride (excellent game. one of my all-time favorites) and I told him we would start at 8:05 if he would leave me in peace until then. I'm honor bound.

PS So hypothetically speaking: how far would you drive to get your child to kindergarten?